Chief Operating Officer COO Denis Mair bei MASEVEN Hotel München

Introducing MASEVEN

We meet Denis Mair, Chief Operating Officer COO in the new MASEVEN Hotel and talk with him about the new name MASEVEN, the urban, digital life within the hotel and the topic of sustainability.

Mr. Mair, under the name MA LIVING you recently presented us the new hotel concept, now you call yourself MASEVEN, where does this name come from?

Denis Mair: During the last 1 1/2 years of product development, we have concluded that the lucky number 7 stands for our SEVEN core areas and thus makes our MA-feeling more tangible.

  1. High quality design apartments with fully equipped kitchenette
  2. Gastronomy consisting of New York Cocktail Car, restaurant and bar
  3. cinema
  4. Pink digital laundromat
  5. Fitness island within the lobby
  6. Co-working with conference area
  7. 24/7 supermarket

What do you think are the latest trends for your guests regarding the hotel industry and long-term stays?

Denis Mair: I believe that especially guests who stay in hotels for several weeks will appreciate and use services that digitalization brings about. I am also convinced that the topic of sustainability will become an increasingly important part of the hotel selection process in the future and that it is not a short-term phenomenon.

What is special about MASEVEN Hotels?

Denis Mair: MASEVEN is a living microcosm that enables guests far away from home to develop a feeling of being at home.

What must a hotel have for you to make you feel comfortable as a guest?

Denis Mair: It must show genuine, personal appreciation to the guest. The design should combine aesthetics and functionality and radiate warmth.

How is sustainability lived at MASEVEN?

Denis Mair: Sustainability is part of the entire MASEVEN DNA and is reflected in all areas. In the following a short list of individual components:

  • paperless check-in and check-out process
  • completely chemical-free cleaning
  • Bed linen and toweling made of 100% organic cotton and CO2 neutral laundry
  • Regional and organic food in restaurant and supermarket
  • Sustainably produced bamboo bicycles and e-bikes
  • Regionally produced uniforms
  • CO2 neutral IT infrastructure

When will the gates for regional, culinary delights also be open to visitors from the neighborhood?

Denis Mair: We open our doors to the neighborhood in Dornach on 2 March 2020.