The Best Restaurants Around Munich Trudering-Riem

MASEVEN City Guide

Discover Some of the Best Restaurants, Cafés & Inns

Returning to the hotel after a long day at work, you are hungry. Of course you don’t want to go all the way back to the Munich city centre. And you don’t need to – there are several insider’s tips for dining options in Munich’s east. We also have a tip or two ready for upscale business lunches or a romantic dinner. Discover some of the best restaurants, cafés and inns that you can reach from the MASEVEN hotels in around 10 minutes by car, and in many cases even faster.

Our favorites near MASEVEN

Gasthaus DER BIERMANN – Rustic and Honest Cuisine

Nowhere in Trudering does the after-work beer taste as good as at Gasthaus dER BIERMANN. The in-house brewery produces delicious Kellerbier beer and the Schnitzel buffet served at the table is an absolute highlight. It’s the perfect place for when you’re very hungry or on the go with colleagues and friends. In terms of atmosphere, the restaurant ranges between tradition and modernity.


Less than 20 minutes’ walk from both MASEVEN hotels.

’s Truderinger Wirtshaus – Simply Cosy

‘s Truderinger Wirtshaus is a bit more traditional. Those who have a Bavarian grandmother will recognize some of the specialities on the menu: beer bread soup, Tafelspitz broth, pork knuckles and Kaiserschmarrn to name just a few. Cosy, welcoming – and with one of the nicest beer gardens in the east of Munich. Here you can feel right at home.


20 minutes’ walk from the MASEVEN Hotel Trudering.

Café Feinkost Monsalvy

Do you want to sleep in and still enjoy a substantial, fresh and delicious breakfast? Then Café Feinkost Monsalvy is the place for you. Authentic and tempting, This bistro with a cosy outdoor area is authentic and tempting beyond breakfast, too. From regional to international, from creative to down-to-earth, this is where good food meets friendly, attentive service.


Less than five minutes by car from MASEVEN Hotel München Messe Dornach.

Lezizel – Turkish Manti Dumplings

Manti is a Turkish dumpling dish that is still very little known in Germany – a huge oversight, as the oriental-style miniature dumplings are simply delicious. At Lezizel you can see this for yourself; with homemade quality and served with perfectly matched toppings and sauces from age-old original recipes.


Five to ten minutes by car from both MASEVEN hotels.

Hindura – Indian Specialty Restaurant

Perhaps the best Indian restaurant in Trudering-Riem, Hindura serves you classic Indian cuisine in a traditional atmosphere. Here, every dish butter chicken to tikka masala and biryani tastes delicious and authentic. At lunchtime, there are particularly affordable lunch menus.


18 minutes’ walk from MASEVEN Hotel Trudering.

Trattoria La Dolce Vita – Trudering Pizza No. 1

The Trattoria La Dolce Vita is considered the best pizzeria in Trudering. This traditional Italian restaurant also offers other Mediterranean specialities and impresses with an inviting atmosphere both inside and outside.


20 minutes’ walk from MASEVEN Hotel Trudering.

Guatemuc – Specialties From South America

Now we are leaving Trudering for a bit, but staying inside the promised radius of ten minutes by car. At Guatemuc, you can experience the authentic Guatemalan spirit in a cosy atmosphere. The food is South American delicacies such as tamales, quesadillas and tacos. For breakfast, we recommend plantains and corn tortillas, and the coffee might be one of the best in eastern Munich.


Ten minutes by car from both MASEVEN hotels.

La Bohème Schwabing – Sharing is Caring

This restaurant isn’t located directly in Trudering either, but it has its finger on the pulse. Despite being quite new, La Bohème is already recommended in the Michelin Guide. The central principal here is sharing, so you can order platters or huge high-quality steaks to share. The cuisine is characterised by strong flavours, lots of creativity and a touch of wimsy.


Ten minutes by car from MASEVEN Hotel München Messe Dornach.

Restaurant Acquarello – One Michelin Star

The Acquarello, right by the underground station Böhmerwaldplatz, is a gastronomic institution in Munich. The Michelin-starred restaurant is perfect for special gourmet evenings or important business lunches. Light, sophisticated cuisine along Mediterranean-French lines meets Italian oenology and old-school professional service.


Eight minutes by car from MASEVEN Hotel Trudering.

Alba Trattoria – the Celebrity Italian Restaurant

The Alba Trattoria in its quiet location regularly attracts Munich celebrities. And the dishes in the restaurant more than live up to its excellent reputation. The Gault-Millau Guide awarded the high-quality Italian home cooking of the Alba Trattoria 15 out of 20 points, which is why it’s not always easy to get a seat. If you do manage to get one, you should definitely seize the opportunity.


Ten minutes by car from both MASEVEN Hotels.