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Gourmets, foodies, hobby cooks, explorers: Markets have always attracted a wide variety of people. Even large supermarkets, fast food restaurants or online retailers have not managed to make markets in cities obsolete. Visiting markets is such a “human” activity that people just don’t want to do without them. These are spaces where you can still feel your produce, smell the barbecue aroma from the food stalls, meet old acquaintances and find many a treasure.

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In the 19th century it was a farmers’ market; today it’s a mecca for gourmets and foodies: At Munich’s historic food market in the heart of the old town, visitors can browse 140 stalls with a varied range of delicacies, fresh produce, flowers and wine from Monday to Saturday. Of course, there are also places where you can to down for a meal or grab a snack to go and explore the surrounding sights.


After the Viktualienmarkt, the most important permanent market in Munich is held daily in the heart of Schwabing. Many prefer Elisabethmarkt to Viktualienmarkt as it is quieter. In 2020, some renovation work began, which should make the Elisabethmarkt even better structured and more beautiful in the future. Besides vegetables and fruit, there are various delicatessen stalls and perhaps the best coffee in Munich (at Standl20).

Auer Wochenmarkt

Every Wednesday between 7am and 1pm, one of Munich’s most popular farmers’ markets takes place on Mariahilfplatz. Vegetables and fruit from regional cultivation, meat from local butchers and genuine artisan pastries await you. Fresh fish from the Munich countryside is also on offer, as well as regional sausages and cheeses.

Yard Sales and Flea Markets

Yard Sales are nice events because they bring the whole neighborhood together, and visitors to the city get to mingle with the locals. Yard sales and local flea markets (Hofflohmärkte), where residents of a house haggle over old books, crockery, furniture and other items that are no longer needed, are held on different dates all over the city. You can find an overview under the following link.

Auer Dults

The first Auer Dult took place over seven centuries ago. The tradition has been preserved to this day and visitors can experience the iconic fair three times a year on Mariahilfplatz. In addition to rides, there are numerous stalls selling arts and crafts and antiques. Food stalls offer Bavarian cuisine classics and good local beer. It takes place at the beginning of spring, in summer and in autumn.

Hamburg Fish Market

It might surprise you that a Hamburg event has crept onto this list. The Hamburger Fischmarkt on Tour also stops in the Bavarian capital every year and brings a bit of the Nordic lifestyle to Munich. For about 10 days in May, Labskaus and other typical specialties from the Hanseatic city are served on Wittelsbacher Platz.

Market of the Senses

Every year, visitors flock to Munich’s Praterinsel, where the Market of the Senses takes place at Easter time. Pleasant scents, arts and crafts, creative ideas and product demonstrations await you. There is also a program for children, and if you want to go on a ‘treasure hunt’, the market offers many accessories, pictures and clothing items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Bazaar at the Tollwood Winter Festival

The Market of Ideas, as the Bazaar tent at the Tollwood Winter Festival is also called, is worth a visit every year. Artisans from near and far present amazing works of art that are popular to buy as decorations for your own home or as a gift. For refreshment, multicultural specialties await you at the Tollwood Winter Festival.

Easter Market “All About Eggs"

Only about two kilometers from our fair hotel, the Trudering Cultural Centre holds the Easter Market “Rund ums Ei” (“all about eggs”). Here exhibitors show modern art objects as well as traditional Easter eggs and other decorative Easter exhibits.

Artisan Market

The arts and crafts mile has been part of the Stadtgründungsfest (town foundation festival), which is held annually between Odeonsplatz and Max-Joseph-Platz, since 1982. Here visitors can find glass art, textiles, sculptures, handmade utensils and more.