Aufgefüllte Saladette mit Tomaten, Kräutern und Salatsoßen

Sustainability at MASEVEN …

Nachhaltigkeit, MASEVEN, Serviced-Apartments
Regional organic specialities are served daily on our buffet. Bon appetit!

… begins for us with the selection of regional products and the processing of seasonal organic fruit and vegetables

In the morning, at noon and in the evening the guest can enjoy our selected products from the menu, which we have put together with love and quality awareness

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In our 24/7 supermarket you can buy a selection of our regional products for your home

The ecological cleaning of our Serviced Apartments is exclusively done by 180 degrees hot steam. We also live the chemical-free and sustainable cleaning concept in our lobby, in the kitchen and on the sanitary areas.

All germs are killed by the hot steam. By the environmentally friendly cleaning with the micro steam devices we create better cleanliness, save time and clean effectively. Green cleaning so to speak.

Our dear colleague, Rüdiger Gatzemeier (Service Supervisor) is not only responsible for the perfect service at MASEVEN, but also for the steam-cleaned areas at the bar.

For our guests or long-term visitors we have thought of a special treat: We offer the possibility to rent one of our bikes or e-bikes.

In this way we pay attention to social sustainability, appreciation for the considered purchase and the creation of a value chain by investing in our bicycles and e-bikes. The special thing about our bicycles and e-bikes is that they are made of bamboo. Through our cooperation with we support the construction of schools in Ghana, where the bamboo comes from. The bikes are manufactured in Kiel. Every purchase of a bicycle helps to provide school education for children there.
#teambambusfahrrad #myboobikes is our partner for the provision of bikes and
e-bikes for our guests.

We at MASEVEN also focus on sustainability for electricity. Our electric appliances are operated with green electricity generated in a Bavarian run-of-river power plant.

We are grateful to have won the green energy supplier Polarstern as a partner for our serviced apartment hotels. Polarstern has received top marks from Öko-Test, Utopia and Robin Wood and is an important trend-setting partner for promoting the energy turnaround. Polarstern also makes its green electricity available to electric filling stations for charging electric cars.

Our district heating comes 100% from geothermal energy (AFK Aschheim), no fossil fuels, gas, oil or coal are used to generate it.


Polarstern is our partner for green electricity.

And finally: the booking process, check-in and payment procedures are paperless for every guest. This saves space, costs, time and increases efficiency. Even in the offices we rely on digital teamwork in the long term.


aobis is our partner for the implementation of our innovative IT structure and our digital concept both in the company headquarters and in the serviced apartment hotels.